Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物
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Polygonum species


Polygonum plants, bearing lots of tiny flowers on an inflorescence, mainly grow in moist areas. Most of them bear little, modest flowers but worth taking a closer look. They are
charming. The genus name comes from the Greek poly, "many" and gonu, "knee" about the swollen jointed stem.

Polygonum caespitosum var. laxiflorum / Hanatade Polygonum conspicuum / Sakuratade Polygonum cuspidatum / Itadori Polygonum debile / Miyamatanisoba
Polygonum filiforme / Mizuhiki Polygonum filiforme f. albiflorum / Ginmizuhiki Polygonum hydropiper / Yanagitade Polygonum japonicum / Shirobanasakuratade
Polygonum lapathifolia var. indica / Sanaetade Polygonum lapathifolia var. lathifolia / Ooinutade Polygonum longisetum /  Inutade Polygonum multiflorum / Tsurudokudami
Polygonum nepalense / Tanisoba Polygonum nipponense / Yanonegusa Polygonum orientale / Oobenitade Polygonum perfoliatum / Ishimikawa
Polygonum pubescens / Bontokutade Polygonum lapathifolia var. indica / Sanaetade Polygonum senticosum / Mamakonoshirinugui Polygonum sieboldii / Akinounagitsukami
Polygonum thunbergii / Mizosoba Polygonum polyneuron / Akinomichiyanagi    
 The following species moved to a new genus Bistorta from Polygonum.
Bistota officinalis ssp. japonica / Ibukitoranoo Bistota tenuicaulis / Harutoranoo    


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