Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物

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The blossoming of plum trees heralds the end of winter in Japan. As the Siberian air masses that dominate the winter weaken, high and low pressure alternately pass through Japan. When enveloped by the high-pressure atmosphere, the weather is generally good, with lots of sun and warmth, but cold at night. On the other hand, when low pressure passes, there is usually lots of rainfall caused by the moisture brought in by the westerlies from the Sea of Japan. Above is the outline of the characteristics of the springtime weather.

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Viola grypoceras f. variegata / Akafutachitsubosumire

Viola grypoceras f. viridans / Midoritachitsubosumire

Viola grypoceras var. ripensis / Keiryuutachitsubosumire

Viola grypocera var. exilis / Kotachitsubosumire

Viola hirpetis / Sakurasumire Viola hondoensis / Aoisumire Viola japonica / Kosumire

Viola japonica f. albida / Shirobanatsukushikosumire

Viola japonica f. barbata / Higekosumire

Viola keiskei  / Marubasumire

Viola keiskei f. barbata / Higekemarubasumire

Viola kusanoana / Ootachitsubosumire

Viola kusanoana f. pubescens / Keootachitsubosumire

Viola kusanoana f. rosea / Momoiroootachitsubosumire

Viola mandshurica / Sumire

Viola mandshurica var. crassa / Anamasumire

Viola mandshurica var. ikedaeana / Hokobasumire

Viola maximowicziana / Komiyamasumire

Viola minor / Himesumire

Viola mirabilis var.subglabra / Ibukisumire

Viola obato-oblonga / Nagabatachitsubosumire

Viola ovato-oblonga f. albiflora / Shirobananagabatachitsubosumire

Viola ovato-oblonga f. pubescens / Kenagabatachitsubosumire

Viola obtusa / Nioitachitsubosumire

Viola patrinii var. angustifolia / Hosobashirosumire

Viola phalacrocarpa / Akanesumire

Viola phalacrocarpa f. glaberrima / Okasumire

Viola rosii / Akebonosumire

Viola rossi f. lactiflora / Shirobanaakebonosumire

Viola rostrata / Nagahashisumire

Viola sieboldi / Fumotosumire

Viola sp. -epiphitic / Sumire?

Viola tokubuchiana var. takedana / Hinasumire Viola tokubuchiana var. takedana f. albiflora / Shirobanahinasumire

Viola_tokubuchiana_var._takedana / Hagurohinasumire

Viola tokubuchiana var. takedana f. variegata / Fuirihinasumire

Viola vaginata / Sumiresaishin

Viola vaginata f. albiflora / Shirobanasumiresaishin

Viola vaginata f. satomii / San'insumiresaishin

Viola variegata var. nipponica / Genjisumire

Viola verecunda / Tsubosumire      

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