Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物

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Autumn begins when the long spell of hot, muggy days in August comes to a close. It is considered by many to be the most beautiful season because of its marked refreshing crispness in the air, clear skies, and delicate autumnal tints. Various kinds of wildflowers come out in Autumn also, as well. However, the weather is changeable because of the atmospheric pressure that changes, just like the rainy climate in early summer. Autumnal tints around are exquisite, especially in late Autumn.
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Lepidium virginicum / Mamegunbainazuna Lepisorus onoei / Himenokishinobu Lespedeza bicolor / Yamahagi Lespedeza bicolor f. niveoflora / Shirobanayamahagi
Lespedeza cuneata / Medohagi Lespedeza cuneata var. serpens / Haimedohagi Lespedeza pilosa / Nekohagi Lespedeza tomentosa / Inuhagi
Lespedeza virgata / Makiehagi Leucanthemum linearis / Mikoshigiku Leucosceptrum stellipilum var. radicans / Oomarubanotenninsou Ligularia euodon / Otakarakou
Ligustrum japonicum / Nezumimochi Ligustrum salicinum / Yanagiibota Limnophila aromatica / Shisokusa Limnophila indica / Kokikumo
Limnophila sessiflora / Kikumo Limonium tetragonum / Hamasaji Linaria japonica / Unran Lindernia antipoda var. grandiflora / Edauchisuzumenotougarashi
Lindernia antipoda var. verbenifolia / Hirohasuzumenotougarashi Lindernia crustacea / Urikusa Lindernia dubia / Amerikaazena Lindernia micrantha / Azetougarashi
Lindernia micrantha f. leucantha / Shirobanaazetougarashi  Lindernia procumbens / Azena Linum dedium var. medium / Kibananomatsubaninjin Linum stelleroides / Matsubaninjin
Litsea coreana / Kagonoki Ludwigia decurrens / Hiretagobou Ludwigia epilobioides / Choujitade Ludwigia epilobioides subsp. greatrexii / Usugechoujitade
Lycium chinense / Kuko Lycopus lucidus / Shirone Lycopus ramosissimus var. japonicus / Koshirone Lycopus uniflorus / Ezoshirone
Lycoris radiata / Higanbana Lycoris albiflora / Shirobanahiganbana Lycoris sanguinea var. kiushiana / Ookitsunenokamisori Maesa japonica / Izusenryou
Marsdenia tomentosa / Kijoran Melampyrum laxum var. laxum / Shikokumamakona    
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