Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Spring's come. Anemone keisukeana, a spring ephemeral that dies back before summer sets in, now in full bloom below broadleaf deciduous trees in this part of the country. In some hilly places with lots of sunlight, a couple of Adonis multiflora were found appearing from underground. (Mar.3)

Anemone keisukeana / Yukiwariichige Anemone keisukeana / Yukiwariichige Anemone keisukeana / Yukiwariichige Stellaria neglecta / Midorihakobe
Stellaria neglecta / Midorihakobe Daphne kiusiana / Koshounoki Daphne kiusiana / Koshounoki Coptis japonica var. major / Seribaouren
  Adonis multiflora / Michinokufukujusou  

Chrysosplenium echinus: The one below was seen in a wet place very close to a clear, little stream. (Mar. 6)

Chrysosplenium echinus / Iwanekonome Chrysosplenium echinus / Iwanekonome



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