Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Having an opportunity to approach some sites for plants I had never seen, the day having been predicted rainy but actually being only partly cloudy. What is more, there was little wind that shake the subject. In fact I was able to reach each location with help of a supportive and saw those plants that are placed below. Half the ten kinds were new to me. A lucky day!

Anodendron affine / Sakakikazura Anodendron affine / Sakakikazura Anodendron affine / Sakakikazura Anodendron affine / Sakakikazura
Viola maximowicziana / Komiyamasumire Viola maximowicziana / Komiyamasumire
Vaccunium smallii var. versicolor / Kansaisunoi Viola maximowicziana / Komiyamasumire, found in a dark and wet place. Akebia x pentaphylla / Goyouakebi
Wisteria brachybotrys f._alba / Shirobanayamafuji Mazus miquelii f. albiflorus / Shirobanasagigoke Galium trachyspermum / Yotsubamugura Oreorchis patens / Kokeiran
Asarum caulescens / Shirobanafutabaaoi Asarum caulescens / Shirobanafutabaaoi
Aristolochia kaempferi /Oobaumanosuzukusa Asarum caulescens / Shirobanafutabaaoi, this form being so rare it may convey another idea. Aristolochia kaempferi /Oobaumanosuzukusa
  Aristolochia kaempferi /Oobaumanosuzukusa, found on the forest edge,  where it is close to a stream.  
  Aristolochia kaempferi /Oobaumanosuzukusa  






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