Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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The following are what I saw in late October while strolling in a paddy field and around in a couple of grasslands, they are all common in this part of the country.
Atractylodes japonica / Okera Atractylodes japonica / Okera Dendranthema japonicum / Ryuunougiku Dendranthema japonicum / Ryuunougiku
Swertia japonica / Senburi Dendranthema japonicum / Ryuunougiku
Bothriospermum tenellum / Hanaibana Swertia japonica / Senburi Bothriospermum tenellum / Hanaibana
Bothriospermum tenellum / Hanaibana Isodon longitubus / Akichouji Isodon longitubus / Akichouji Bothriospermum tenellum / Hanaibana
Smilax china / Sarutoriibara Youngia denticulata / Yakushisou Ampelopsis glandulosavar. heterophylla_f. citrulloides / Kirehanobudou Ampelopsis glandulosavar. heterophylla_f. citrulloides / Kirehanobudou
  Swertia japonica / Senburi  




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