Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Free-from-all-care strolling seeing wildflowers in the fields, on hillsides, etc. is beneficial for your health. I'm in the habit of doing that most of my spare time. The following flowers are what I saw, taking a trip to a forest and marshy place in early June.

Ilex crenata / Inutsuge Ilex crenata / Inutsuge Viola verecunda var. semilunaris / Agisumire Nemosenecio nikoensis / Sawagiku
Pogonia japonicum / Tokisou Pogonia japonicum / Tokisou
Nemosenecio nikoensis / Sawagiku Nemosenecio nikoensis / Sawagiku Sophora flavescens / Kurara Viola verecunda var. semilunaris / Agisumire
Ligularia japonica / Hankaisou Ligularia japonica / Hankaisou Nuphar japonicum / Kouhone Dipromorpha sikokiana / Ganpi
Gymnaster savatieri / Miyamayomena Rodgeria podophulla / Yagurumasou Rodgeria podophulla / Yagurumasou Chloranthus serratus / Futarishizuka


Gymnaster savatieri / Miyamayomena





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