Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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The flowers below are of as many plants as I could see in the middle of June, as fewer chances of strolling about we could have, this part of the country is amid tsuyu or the rainy season. Of those, unusual are Pogonia minor and Amitostigma gracilis, both of them are in the orchid family, the former occurs in the moist grassland, and the latter on damp rocks or something. Greenish petals of Pogonia minor was a real surprise.
Sophora flavescens / Kurara Pogonia minor / Yamatokisou Pogonia minor / Yamatokisou Pogonia minor / Yamatokisou
Pogonia minor / Yamatokisou Vincetoxicum pycnostelma / Suzusaiko
Pogonia minor / Yamatokisou Cocculus trilobus / Aotsudurafuji Amitostigma gracilis / Hinaran Amitostigma gracilis / Hinaran
Sedum rupifragum / Oomenomannengusa Rubus phoenicolasius / Ebigaraichigo Amitostigma gracilis / Hinaran Hypoxis aurea / Kokinbaizasa
Morus bombycis / Yamaguwa Trachelospermum asiaticum / Teikakazura Tradescantia fluminensis / Tokiwatsuukusa  Rubus parvifolius / Nawashiroichigo


Pogonia minor / Yamatokisou





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