Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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I could have the time only once this month to go outdoors to see and find wildflowers in the fields and on hillsides, etc. because of trouble with the car and computer I had been using. The photos below are of what I saw during this month.

Vicia unijuga / Nantenhagi Vicia unijuga / Nantenhagi Sanguisorba officinalis / Waremokou Sanguisorba officinalis / Waremokou
Ottelia japonica / Mizuoobako Ottelia japonica / Mizuoobako Lycopus maackianus / Himeshirone Lycopus maackianus / Himeshirone
Vicia amoena / Tsurufujibakama Patrinia villosa / Otokoeshi Patrinia villosa / Otokoeshi Diodia teres / Oofutabamugura
  Diodia teres / Oofutabamugura  




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