Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物






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  - Early June -  

Below are what I saw in early June. I found it not easy for my camera to look inside the flowers of Convallaria majalis, as all were in bloom facing downward.

Valeriana fauriei / Kanokosou Arisaema japonicum / Mamushigusa Arisaema japonicum / Mamushigusa Arisaema japonicum / Mamushigusa
Convallaria majalis var.manshurica / Suzuran Convallaria majalis var.manshurica / Suzuran Hydrocotyle ramiflora / Oochidome Hydrocotyle ramiflora / Oochidome
Sophora flavescens / Kurara Nemosenecio nikoensis / Sawagiku Sisyrinchium sp. / Sekkaniwazekishou Sisyrinchium sp. / Sekkaniwazekishou

Convallaria majalis var.manshurica / Suzuran





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