Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物






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  - Late April -  
Of the plants below, the first one in the first row and the first in the first column are rare, but the others are probably common in many districts; they would be coming into view as you stroll along rivers in mountainous regions. The occasional two's mentioned earlier inhabit grasslands here.
Taraxacum pectinatum / Kushibatanpopo Cerastium holosteoides var. hallaisanense / Miminagusa Cerastium holosteoides var. hallaisanense / Miminagusa Anthriscus sylvestris / Shaku
Galium odorata / Kurumabasou Peracarpa carnosa / Tanigikyou Peracarpa carnosa / Tanigikyou Gentiana zollingeri / Fuderindou
Pulsatilla cernua / Okinagusa Stellaria neglecta / Midorihakobe Stellaria neglecta / Midorihakobe Akebia quinata / Akebi




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