Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物






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  - Late May -  

I saw Pterostyrax corymbosa for the first time, which I put on the bottom row in the following thumbnail list. Of all, Dianthus superbus var. rupifragus, Opithandra primuloide, Salvia akiensis, and Rosa rugosa are unusual in this part of the country.

Dianthus superbus var. rupifragus / Iwanadeshiko Dianthus superbus var. rupifragus / Iwanadeshiko Lonicera japonica / Suikazura Lysimachia mauritiana / Hamabossu
Opithandra primuloide / Iwagirisou Chionographis japonica / Shiraitosou Parentucellia viscosa / Seiyouhikiyomogi Parentucellia viscosa / Seiyouhikiyomogi
Phytolacca japonica / Maruminoyamagobou Phytolacca japonica / Maruminoyamagobou Salvia akiensis / Terihanatsunotamurasou Salvia akiensis / Terihanatsunotamurasou
Polygonatum odoratum var. plurifolium / Amadokoro Weigela hortensis / Taniutsugi Rosa rugosa / Hamanasu Symplocos sawafutagi / Sawafutagi


Pterostyrax corymbosa / Asagara Pterostyrax corymbosa / Asagara  




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