Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物 






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Early July:
We are in the mid-rainy season and have many rainy days, but if the weather permits, I want to see flowers. The plants below are what I saw in early June in fields, mountain edges, and places close to a seashore.
Aruncus dioicus var. kamtschaticus / Yamabukishouma Clinopodium_hinense_var._hibetchense / Yamakurubabana
Eupatorium chinense var. sachalinense / Yotsubahiyodori Hydrangea petiolaris / Tsuruajisai Inula salicina var. asiatica / Kasensou
Rosa wichuraiana / Terihanoibara Scutellaria stringillosa / Namikisou
Stewartia pseudo-camellia  / Natsutsubaki Hydrangea petiolaris / Tsuruajisai Platanthera mandarinorum var. neglecta / Maisagisou
  Spiranthes sinensis var. amoena / Nejibana  

I was searching for another species,  Spiranthes hachijoensis, a new species described in the Journal of Plant Research on March 2023, but I could not find any. The new species reportedly equips no hairs on any terrestrial part, which characterizes it; unfortunately, every possible individual I saw observed itself to have a little hair on the inflorescence's upper portion. It means it is another species, Spiranthes sinensis var. amoena.






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