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Abelia tetraspada / Ootsukubaneutsugi オオバツクバネウツギ

Bloom time: April-May

Caprifofoliaceae / Suikazuraka



Species in the genus Abelia:

Abelia serrata / Kotsukubaneutsugi
Abelia spathulata / Tsukubaneutsugi
Abelia tetraspada / Ootsukubaneutsugi



Abelia tetraspada / Ootsukubaneutsugi オオバツクバネウツギ

Abelia tetraspada is a deciduous shrub growing in deciduous tree forests or rocky areas in mountainous regions and branches well to grow thick to reach as tall as 3m. Leaves are in the shape of an ovate, 2-5cm in diameter, and tips abruptly become pointed, with coarse serrations on margins and fine hairs on surfaces. Flowers are creamy and bloom on the new year's branch tops two each, in a way that droops. Corollas measure 3-4cm in length, in the shape of a funnel, and have an aperture in five lobes; the lower ones are prominent with yellow reticulate patterns. Sepals, 5 in number, one of which is extremely small. Bloom time: April-May.




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