Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Acer carpinifolium / Chidorinoki チドリノキ

Bloom time: May

Aceraceae / Kaedeka
Species in the genus Acer:

Acer carpinifolium / Chidorinoki
Acer crataegifolium / Urikaede
Acer japonicum / Hauchiwakaede
Acer micranthum / Kominekaede
Acer_mono_var._macroratum_f._heterophyllum / Itayakaede
Acer palmatum / Irohamomiji
Acer rufinerve / Urihadakaede


Acer carpinifolium / Chidorinoki チドリノキ

Acer carpinifolium, a deciduous dioecious shrub or small tree, 8-10m tall, a cross-section being 10-15cm across, with gray-brown to purple-brown branches, generally inhabits places along streams, 200-1300m above sea level, in mountainous regions. Leaves are opposite; blades are 7-15cm long, 3-7cm wide, in the shape of an oblong, ends sharply pointed, bases are shallow heart-shaped or circular, with sharp doubly serrated margins. Flowers appear in 5-8cm long racemes, about 1cm across 5-15 light yellow flowers. Both petals and sepals are generally 4 in number, with pubescent hairs. Bloom time: May.



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