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Aconitum sanyoense / San'youbushi サンヨウブシ

Bloom time: July-November

Ranunculaceae /



Species in the genus Aconitium:

Aconitum japonicum ssp. Japonicum / Yamatorikabuto
Aconitum japonicum ssp. napiforme / Tannatorikabuto
Aconitum japonicum ssp. napiforme f. albiflorum / Shirobanatannatorikabuto
Aconitum sanyoense / San'youbushi



Aconitum sanyoense / San'youbushi サンヨウブシ

One of the nontoxic species among the acolyte herbs, Aconitum sanyoense, occurs in forests in mountainous regions, growing up to two meters in height. Leaves are also large, measuring close to 30cm in diameter, cleft halfway to seven-tenths way. Flowers, bluish-purple, 3.5-4.5cm long, appearing in corymbs, bloom in order from the bottom. Bloom time: July-November.




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