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Actinidia polygama / Matatabi マタタビ

Bloom time: June-July

Actinidia /


Species in the genus Actinidia:

Actinidia polygama / Matatabi



Actinidia polygama / Matatabi マタタビ

Actinidia polygama is a deciduous liana inhabiting the edges of hills, mountains, or wastelands. Leaves are alternate phyllotaxis, with 2-7cm long petioles; blades are 6-15cm long, 3.5-8cm wide, in an oval shape, with tips sharply pointed, bases circular to truncate, and prickle-like small serrations on margins. Leaves on the upper parts make their surfaces turn white in blooming time. Current year stems stet 2-2.5cm-in-diameter fragrant, white flowers at axils on middle parts, facing downward; petals are 5 in number, broad-oblong, 1-1.2cm long, pistils are many with yellow anthers, and female styles are linear, many. Sepals are also 5. Bloom time: June-July.




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