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Adoxa moschatellina / Renpukusou レンプクソウ

Bloom time: March-April

Adoxaceae /


Species in the genus Adoxa:

Adoxa moschatellina / Renpukusou


Adoxa moschatellina / Renpukusou レンプクソウ

Adoxa moschatellina, a perennial herb, 8-17cm in height, inhabits forests, extending white slender, long rhizomes sideways to make corms at the ends, from which sprout. Radical leaves, having long petioles, are of a biternate compound leaf, the leaflets of which are pinnatifid in segments afresh. On-stem leaves are of single opposite pairs with short pedicles, cleft in three in a pinnate way. Flowers, yellow-green, 4-6mm in diameter, set themselves as a gathering of five on the stem tips. In an inflorescence, the head flower differs from the other four side flowers; the head's corolla is cleft in four, facing upward, and the four are cut in five and facing sideways. Bloom time. March-April.




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