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Agastache rugosa / Kawamidori カワミドリ

Bloom time: August-October

Lamiaceae /

Species in the genus Agastache:

Agastache rugosa / Kawamidor


Agastache rugosa / Kawamidori カワミドリ

Agastache rugosa is a perennial herb found in grasslands or forest edges in mountainous regions, the stems, cross-section being square, measuring 0.4-1m in height, branching on upper parts. Leaves are opposite, in the shape of an oval-like lanceolate, having sharply serrated margins. Racemes, 5-15cm long, on the branch tops, concentrate many lip-shaped purple flowers; the corollas are 8-10mm long, the lower lips are cleft in three, and stamens, 4, pop out from the corolla. Bloom time: August- October.





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