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Ainsliaea apiculata / Kikkouhaguma キッコウハグマ

Bloom time: September-October

 Asteracea /


Species in the genus Ainsliaea:

Ainsliaea apiculata / Kikkouhaguma
Ainsliaea acerifolia var. subapoda / Okumomijihaguma

Ainsliaea apiculata / Kikkouhaguma キッコウハグマ

Ainsliaea apiculata is a small perennial herb inhabiting the shade of a tree in mountainous regions, with stems growing to 10-20cm in height. The leaves, 5-11, alternately put themselves together at the stem's lower portions, in a cordate shape, with long petioles, 1-3cm long, generally in a pentagonal shape or shallowly cleft in fives. Flower heads comprise three florets, and corollas are white, often resulting in cleistogamous flowers. Bloom time: September-October.



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