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Akebia quinata / Akebi アケビ

Bloom time: April-May

Lardizabalaceae /


Species in the genus Akebia:

Akebia quinata / Akebi

Akebia trifoliata / Mitsubaakebi
Akebia x pentaphylla / Goyouakebi



Akebia quinata / Akebi アケビ

Akebia quinata is a deciduous climbing woody plant common in fields and mountains, with dark brown barks. Leaves are alternate, of a palmately compound leaf of 5 lobes; petioles measure 3-10cm long, and the leaflets are 3-6cm-long,1-2cm-wide oblong-like obovate, tips caving in, bases cuneate, with margins entire. Monoecious: Inflorescences hang down among the leaves, and female flowers, some in number, come on the tips, 1-3 males on bases. The flowers lack petals; therefore, the three petal-like staffs are sepals. The females, 2.5-3cm in diameter, are larger than the males. Sap fruit is 5-10cm long, 3-4cm in diameter, in an oblong shape, which ripens purple in September-October, and splits open. Bloom time: April-May.


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