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Aletris foliata / Nebarinogiran ネバリノギラン

Bloom time: April-June

Nartheciaceae /


Species in the genus Aletris:

Aletris foliata / Nebarinogiran
Aletris luteoviridis / Nogiran
Aletris spicata / Sokushinran



Aletris foliata / Nebarinogiran ネバリノギラン

Aletris foliata resembles A. luteoviliidis, and its racemes are adhesive; it is a perennial herb inhabiting grasslands in mountainous regions or subalpine zone. Radical leaves develop in crowds at the ground level, in the shape of a lanceolate, 10-25cm in length. Flowers stalks measure 20-40cm in height, with small leaves on them; racemes emerge on the stem tops, with many yellow-green pot-shaped flowers in them. Glandular hairs exist on inflorescence axes, flower stalks, and perianths -- adhesive. Bloom time: April-July




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