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Aleurites cordata / Aburagiri アブラギリ

Bloom time: May-June

Euphrobiaceae /


Species in the genus Aleurites:

Aleurites cordata / Aburagiri


Aleurites cordata / Aburagiri アブラギリ

Aleurites cordata, a deciduous tree seen in mountainous regions, grows to 15 m in height and is as large as 60cm in diameter. Phyllotaxis is alternate; blades are 12-20cm long and 8-16cm in width, in the shape of an ovate to broad-ovate, with the apex pointed, bases cordate, many cleft in three, and obtuse serrations on margins, and also with 6-12cm-long petioles tinging red. Flowers are dioecious: Branch ends emerge panicles and set around 2cm-wide white flowers. As time advances, petals' bases and filaments turn reddish. Bloom time: May-June.




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