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Alliaceae /



The other species in the genus Allium:

Allium macrostemon / Nobiru
Allium monanthum / Himenira
Allium schoenoprasum var. orientalle / Shiroumasatsuki
Allium schoenoprasum var. orientale white form / Shiroumaasatsuki-Shirobana
Allium thunbergii / Yamarakkyou
Allium thunbergii f. albiflorum / Shirobanayamarakkyou
Allium tuberosum / Nira

Allium schoenoprasum var. orientale / Shiroumasatsuki シロウマアサツキ

Allium schoenoprasum var. orientale is a perennial herb inhabiting coastal locations, with bulbs in the shape of a lanceolate column, enveloped with membranous coats. Leaves are cylindrical, a cross-section of 5-6mm in diameter. Flower stalks measure 30-50cm in height, and inflorescences, in the way of an umbel, 3.5-4cm in diameter, set themselves on the top of them. Pedicels and perianth lobes are 0.8-1.5cm long and 5-8mm long, respectively. Bloom time: June-July.



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