Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Alnus japonica / Hannoki ハンノキ

Bloom time: November in warm areas, April in cold regions

Betulaceae / Kabanokika

Species in the genus Alnus:

Alnus japonica / Hannoki
Alnus pendula / Himeyashabushi
Alnus serrulatoides / Kawarahannoki
Alnus sieboldiana / Oobayashabushi


Alnus japonica / Hannoki ハンノキ

Alnus japonica, a deciduous tree, 10-20m in height,10-60cm in diameter, with purple-brown barks, inhabits wetlands or sloughs, where the underground water level is high, with branches with smooth brown surfaces. Leaves are alternate; blades are 5-13cm in length, 2-5.5cm in width, ovate-like oblong, with pointed tips, bases cuneate, and uneven shallow serrations on margins. Flowers are monoecious; bloom before leaves develop in April or November; male inflorescences, 2-5 in number, each 4-7cm long, with petioles, set themselves drooping at branch ends. Females, 3-3cm, with petioles, 1-5 in number, come below the males. Bloom time: November in warm areas, April in cold regions.




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