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Amelanchier asiatica / Zaifuriboku ザイフリボク

Bloom time: April-May

Rosaceae /


Species in the genus Amelanchier:

Amelanchier asiatica / Zaifuriboku

Amelanchier asiatica / Zaifuriboku ザイフリボク

Amelanchier asiatica, a deciduous shrub or tree found on edges of spinneys or woods, with gray-brown barks, grows to 5-10m in height. Leaves are alternate, with oblong blades of 4-9cm long and 2.5-4cm wide, tips sharply pointed, bases round or obtuse, and margins shallowly serrated. Fresh young leaves, whose backsides have thick pubescent hairs, vanish later except for some on midribs. White 5-petaled flowers bloom together on branch tips, approximately 10 in number. Bloom time: April-May.


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