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Ammannia coccinea / Hosobahimemisohagi ホソバヒメミソハギ

Bloom time: June-October

Lithraceae / Misohagika



Species in the genus Ammannia:

Ammannia auriculata / Nangokuhimemisohagi
Ammannia coccinea / Hosobahimemisohagi

Ammannia multiflora / Himemisohagi


Ammannia coccinea / Hosobahimemisohagi ホソバヒメミソハギ

Ammannia coccinea is an annual herb originating in North and South America and naturalized in various districts in Japan. It resembles Ammannia multiflora; however, the flowers are more significant, approximately 4mm in diameter, and the capsules are slightly more extensive. Sepals cover the fruit (capsules) all over except for the tips. Bloom time: June-October.



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