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Ammannia multiflora / Himemisohagi ヒメミソハギ

Bloom time: September-October

 Lythraceae /


Species in the genus Ammannia:

Ammannia auriculata / Nangokuhimemisohagi
Ammannia coccinea / Hosobahimemisohagi

Ammannia multiflora / Himemisohagi


Ammannia multiflora / Himemisohagi ヒメミソハギ

Ammannia multiflora is a 10-40cm-in-height annual herb that occurs in paddies or wetlands and branches with stems with four ridges. Leaves are opposite; 1.8-5cm long, 0.2-1.2cm wide, broad linear to lanceolate-like long oblong, with bases embracing the stems. Flowers set themselves at axils, tiny - 1.5mm in diameter. Petals, four in number, are red-purple. Fruit (capsules), about 2mm in diameter, and calyxes cover the lower half. Bloom time: September-November.




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