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Amsonia elliptica / Choujisou チョウジソウ

Bloom time: May-June

 Apocynaceae /


Species in the genus Amsonia:

Amsonia elliptica / Choujisou

Amsonia elliptica / Choujisou チョウジソウ

Amsonia elliptica, a perennial herb, inhabits fringes of marshes and damp grasslands close to a river or lake. It stands 40 to 80cm and bears cymose inflorescence on the tip of a stem with difficult-to-describe pale blue-purple, lanceolate flowers. Leaves, 6-10cm long, 1-2cm wide, are of alternate phyllotaxis in general, the tips sharply pointed. Corollas are 1.3cm in diameter, in the shape of a high cup, and the upper parts are cleft in five segments opening flat. Bloom time: May-June.     


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