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Angelica dahurica / Yoroigusa ヨロイグサ

Bloom time:  July

Apiaceae /


Species in the genus Angelica:

Angelica dahurica / Yoroigusa
Angelica japonica / Hamaudo
Angelica polymorpha / Shiranesenkyuu
Angelica pubescens / Shishiudo


Angelica dahurica / Yoroigusa ヨロイグサ

Angelica dahurica, a perennial of gigantic build growing to 1-2m in height, occurs on forest edges or riversides. Stout, hollow stems keep big bipinnately or tripinnately compound leaves, their oblong leaflets having coarse serration on the margins, the tips of the leaflets sharply pointed. In July, many small white flowers, lacking calyx, bloom on branch ends in compound umbels. Bloom time: July.




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