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Angelica japonica / Hamaudo ハマウド

Bloom time:  April-June

Apiaceae /


Species in the genus Angelica:

Angelica dahurica / Yoroigusa
Angelica japonica / Hamaudo
Angelica polymorpha / Shiranesenkyuu
Angelica pubescens / Shishiudo


Angelica japonica / Hamaudo ハマウド


Angelica japonica is a robust-growing perennial inhabiting seashore sandy soils; stems are stout, tinging dark purple, and branches are on the upper parts. Leaves are also robust, with bi- to tri-pinnate compounds and pedicles swollen at the bases to grow sheath-like kinds of stuff. Leaflets are egg-shaped, oblong, thick, tough, glossy, and have serrated margins. Branch tops emerge compound umbels in which many small white flowers bloom densely. Involucral bracts at the bases of petioles are slender. Bloom time: April-June.





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