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Anodendron affine / Sakakikazura サカキカズラ

Bloom time: April-June

Apocynaceae / Kyouchikutouka   Species in the genus Anodendron:

Anodendron affine / Sakakikazura

Anodendron affine / Sakakikazura サカキカズラ

Anodendron affine is an evergreen woody vine inhabiting evergreen tree forests. Branches are green at first, then turn dark purple. Leaves, leathery and glossy, are of opposite phyllotaxis; blades measure 5-10cm in length, 1-3cm in width, and are oblong with entire margins. This plant bears cymes at the end of the branches with many light yellow flowers. Corollas, measuring 0.8-1cm, are in a high cup shape and are cleft in 5 twisted segments. Bloom time: April-June.





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