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Anthoxanthum odoratum / Harugaya ハルガヤ

Bloom time: April-July

Poaceae / Ineka

  The other species in the genus Anthoxanthum:

Anthoxanthum odoratum / Harugaya



Anthoxanthum odoratum / Harugaya ハルガヤ

Anthoxanthum odoratum, a perennial herb originating in Europe and Siberia, 20-50cm in height, has naturalized into grasslands or made-lands. Stems are slender and soft; the whole generally has sparse divaricate hairs. Leaves are 5-10cm long, 3-6mm wide, and linear. Inflorescences are panicles but look like racemes. Spikelets measure 0.8-1cm in length. Bloom time: April-July.







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