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Anthriscus sylvestris / Shaku シャク

Bloom time: May-June



Species in the genus Anthriscus:

Anthriscus sylvestris / Shaku


Anthriscus sylvestris / Shaku シャク

Anthriscus sylvestris is a perennial herb 0.7-1.4cm in height, growing in valleys, with long petioles with biternate compound leaves; the leaflets cut in profoundly. White small flowers set themselves in compound umbels on the branch ends with no involucral bracts but with a few called involucral bractlets oval-shaped which face downward. There are five petals; one on the outside is more significant than the others. Stamens are five, and styles are short, bending outside. Fruit, cylindrical, mature in black. Bloom time: May-June.


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