Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Arabis gemmifera / Hakusanhatazao ハクサンハタザオ

Bloom time: April-June

Brassiaceae /


Species in the genus Arabis:

Arabis flagellosa / Suzushirosou
Arabis gemmifera / Hakusanhatazao
Arabis hirsuta / Yamahatazao
Arabis serrata var. siikokiana / Shikokuhatazao
Arabis stelleri var. japonica / Hamahatazao


Arabis gemmifera / Hakusanhatazao ハクサンハタザオ

Arabis gemmifera is a perennial herb, 10-30cm in height, found in fields and mountains. Radical leaves, with short petioles, are pinnately lobed and measure 2-7cm in length and 8-15cm in width; the terminal lobes are significantly large. On-stem leaves, 1-4cm in height, are slender and pinnatifid. Racemose inflorescences give 4-petaled white flowers. After flowering, stems fall and bear new vegetative buds at the bases. Bloom time: April-June.



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