Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


Spring Flowers


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Brassiaceae /


The other species in the genus Arabis:

Arabis flagellosa / Suzushirosou
Arabis gemmifera / Hakusanhatazao
Arabis hirsuta / Yamahatazao
Arabis serrata var. siikokiana / Shikokuhatazao
Arabis stelleri var. japonica / Hamahatazao


Arabis hirsuta / Yamahatazao ヤマハタザオ

Arabis hirsuta, 30-80cm in diameter, grows in grasslands or forest edges in fields and mountains, with stems having stellate hairs and monotrichous hairs. Radical leaves are rosette-like, and on-stem ones embrace the stem, either of which has undulate serrations on margins. Stem apexes set racemes with white flowers in. Bloom time: May-July.




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