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Aristolochia debilis / Umanosuzukusa ウマノスズクサ

Bloom time: July-September

 Aristolochiaceae /


Species in the genus Aristolochia:

Aristolochia debilis / Umanosuzukusa
Aristolochia kaemopferi / Oobaumanosuzukusa


Aristolochia debilis / Umanosuzukusa ウマノスズクサ

Aristolochia debilis is a perennial herb inhabiting river banks, fields, or forest edges, with the whole hairless and tinging glaucous—stems, slender and robust, branch well to entangle in plants. Leaves are alternate, 4-7cm long, triangular-ovate, with heart-shaped bases on either side projected sideways in an ear lobe way. Leaf axils bear single saxophone-shaped flowers. The curve is loose in calyx tubes, 2-4cm long; their tips are flat as if cut off and bend backward. Bloom time: July-September.




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