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Aristolochia kaemopferi / Oobaumanosuzukusa オオバウマノスズクサ

Bloom time: March-May

 Aristolochiaceae /


Species in the genus Aristolochia:

Aristolochia debilis / Umanosuzukusa
Aristolochia kaemopferi / Oobaumanosuzukusa


Aristolochia kaemopferi / Oobaumanosuzukusa オオバウマノスズクサ

Aristolochia kaemopferi, a deciduous vine arboreous plant found in low hill forests, grows to 2-3m in height, with young stems having dense pubescent hairs on them and losing later. Rhizomes extend themselves long. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, thick, and blades varying from circular to triangular, 10-15cm in length; bases are heart-shaped. 3-5cm long Peduncles singly emerge from leaf axils and put single saxophone-like yellow flowers on the tips. There are purple-brown striped patterns inside. Perianth tubes, having hairs outside, extend themselves downward, bend upward at points halfway, and edges shallowly cleft inward. Bloom time: March-May.
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