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Asarum asperum / Miyakoaoi ミヤコアオイ

Bloom time: April

Aristolochiaceae /


Species in the genus Asarum:

Asarum asperum / Miyakoaoi
Asarum caurescens / Futabaaoi
Asarum_caulescens_f. / Shirobanafutabaaoi
Asarum dimidiatum / Kurofunesaishin
Asarum fauriei var. takaoi / Himekan'aoi
Asarum maruyamae / Izumosaishin


Asarum asperum / Miyakoaoi ミヤコアオイ

Asarum asperum is an evergreen perennial herb inhabiting forest beds in mountainous regions. Leaves are orbicular-ovate to oval-oblong, 6-8cm in length, with tips obtuse, and bases are heart-shaped and can expand on either side in a pair of ears way. Many of the leaves have cloud patterns on the surfaces. Light red-purple or dark purple flowers bloom on the ground, often in leaf molds or beneath fallen leaves. Bloom time: April.
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