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Asarum maruyamae / Izumosaishin イズモサイシン

Bloom time: March-May

Aristolochiaceae / Umanosuzukusaka

Species in the genus Asarum:

Asarum asperum / Miyakoaoi
Asarum caurescens / Futabaaoi
Asarum_caulescens_f. / Shirobanafutabaaoi
Asarum dimidiatum / Kurofunesaishin
Asarum fauriei var. takaoi / Himekan'aoi
Asarum maruyamae / Izumosaishin


Asarum maruyamae / Izumosaishin イズモサイシン

Asarum maruyamae is an evergreen perennial herb inhabiting damp, clean, water riverside slopes in the mountains, stems being so short as to put the tops on the ground. In the ovate shape, leaves measure 6-10cm long and 5-8cm wide, tips pointed, bases are heart-shaped, and the pedicles measure around 10cm long. Flowers, light red-purple to dark purple, come out one each from axils; the calyx tubes are urceolate, measuring 10-15mm across, 8-9mm long, their throats 5-5cm long. Broom time: March-May




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