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Asparagus rigidulus / Oobasugikazura オオバスギカズラ

Bloom time:  May-June

Asparagaceae /

Species in the genus Asparagus:

Asparagus cochinchinensis / Kusasugikazura
Asparagus kiusianus / Hamatamabouki
Asparagus rigidulus / Oobasugikazura


Asparagus rigidulus / Oobasugikazura オオバスギカズラ

Asparagus rigidulus is a perennial herb, 50-100cm in height, growing in sandy soil or on rocks in seacoasts. The stem's lower parts get lignified, and the upper legs incline vines. Two to six gathering together, cladodes, 1-2cm in length, emerge from axils in a curved linear shape, tips pointed. Flowers, 1-3 in number, put themselves on short peduncles that have come from axils, one or so millimeters long. Dioecious: corollas are light yellow, about 2-3mm in length, and have a bell shape. Sap fruit, about 3mm across, matures in vermilion. Bloom time: May-June.




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