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Aster scabe / Shirayamagiku シラヤマギク

Bloom time: August-October

Astereraceae /


Species in the genus Aster:

Aster ageratoides ssp. leiophyllus / Shiroyomena
Aster fastigiatus / Himeshion
Aster glehnii var. hondoensis / Gomana
Aster_microcephalus_var. ovatus / Nokongiku
Aster scabe / Shirayamagiku
Aster semiamplexicaulis / Inakagiku
Aster spathulifolius / Darumagiku
Aster subulatus var. obtusifolius / Houkigiku
Aster tripolium / Uragiku

Aster scabe / Shirayamagiku シラヤマギク

Aster scabe is a 1-1.5m-in-height perennial found in forests in mountainous regions; radical leaves are in the shape of an oval-like heart, and on stems, leaves are in a heart shape 9-24cm long. Some pedicles equip narrow wings, and others do not. Flower heads measure 1.8-2.4cm in diameter; ray florets are in small numbers. Bloom time: August-October.




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