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Aster semiamplexicaulis / Inakagiku (syn. Yamashirogiku) イナカギク(ヤマシロギク)

Bloom time:  September-November

Astereraceae /


Species in the genus Aster:

Aster ageratoides ssp. leiophyllus / Shiroyomena
Aster fastigiatus / Himeshion
Aster glehnii var. hondoensis / Gomana
Aster_microcephalus_var. ovatus / Nokongiku
Aster scabe / Shirayamagiku
Aster semiamplexicaulis / Inakagiku
Aster spathulifolius / Darumagiku
Aster subulatus var. obtusifolius / Houkigiku
Aster tripolium / Uragiku

Aster semiamplexicaulis / Inakagiku (syn. Yamashirogiku) イナカギク(ヤマシロギク)


Aster semiamplexicaulis is a 0.5-1m-in-height perennial in the sunny part of hilly districts with soft hair on stems. Leaves, each somewhat embracing the branches, are oblongly lanceolate, gradually becoming narrower to points, their edges sparsely serrated. Flower heads measure 2cm in diameter; the ligulate flowers are white and bloom in September-November.




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