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Astilbe odontophylla / Toriashishouma トリアシショウマ

Bloom time:  June-July

Saxifragaceae /


Species in the genus Astilbe:

Astilbe microphylla / Chidakeshashi
Astilbe thunbergii / Akashouma
Astilbe odontophylla / Toriashishouma



Astilbe odontophylla / Toriashishouma トリアシショウマ

Astilbe odontophylla, a 0.4-1m tall perennial having a compound leaf made of three leaflets, occurs in forests in mountainous regions. Veins in a booklet look like they are running parallel to one another. Still, it is impossible to say it is the case, as they are partially a bit destroyed, which is one thing that makes it clear to distinguish it from seemingly the same plant in another family, Aruncus_dioicus_var._kamtschaticus, whose veins run parallel. Bloom time: June-July.



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