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Astilbe thunbergii / Akashouma アカショウマ

Bloom time:  June-July

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Saxifragaceae /


Species in the genus Astilbe:

Astilbe microphylla / Chidakeshashi
Astilbe thunbergii / Akashouma
Astilbe odontophylla / Toriashishouma



Astilbe thunbergii / Akashouma アカショウマ

Astilbe thunbergii, a 40-80cm tall perennial, occurs in bright forests or grasslands; its leaves are of a triternate compound leaf with brown scaly hairs on the petiole's bases and nodes. Leaflets, 4-10cm long, 2-5cm wide, with tips sharply pointed in a tail way and double serrations on margins. Inflorescences are broadly conical, with long lateral branches and white flowers. Bloom time: June-July.