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Aucuba japonica / Aoki アオキ

Bloom time: March-May

Cornaceae /


Species in the genus Aucuba:

Aucuba japonica / Aoki

Aucuba japonica / Aoki アオキ

Aucuba japonica, an evergreen shrub with green barks, inhabits laurel forests, branching well at upper parts, and growing to 2-3m in height, with a cross-section around 6cm in diameter. Young branches are green, hairless, and glossy. Leaves assemble on upper parts, blades measuring 8-25cm long, 2-12cm wide, in the shape of an oval-like oblong, with sharp tips and broad cuneate bases, and with margins with coarse serrations at upper parts. Dioecious: The previous year's branch tips emerge panicles with small purple-brown flowers. Male flowers or females measure about 1cm across, with four long oval petals with pointed ends. Drupes, ovate-oblong, mature in red in December-May. Bloom time: March-May.


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