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Bidens frondosa / Amerikasendangusa アメリカセンダングサ

Bloom time: September-October

Asteraceae /


The other species in the genus Bidens:

Bidens biternata / Sendangusa
Bidens frondosa / Amerikasendangusa
Bidens pilosa var. minor / Koshinorosendangusa


Bidens frondosa / Amerikasendangusa アメリカセンダングサ

Bidens frondosa, an annual herb originating in North America, occurs in damp wastelands or roadsides in various districts. Dark purple stems with four ridges grow to 0.5-1.5cm in height. Leaves with long petioles have opposite phyllotaxis; those on the lower parts are biternate compounds, and those on the upper ones are ternate compound leaves. The leaflets all have petiolules, 3-13cm-long oval-like lanceolate, with tips pointed and margins with serrations. Flower heads are yellow and set themselves singly on branch tips. Involucral bracts are 6-12 in number and significantly large and conspicuous. Bloom time: September-October.




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