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Bothriospermum tenellum / Hanaibana ハナイバナ

Bloom time: arch-November

Boraginaceae /


Species in the genus Bothriospermum:

Bothriospermum tenellum / Hanaibana


Bothriospermum tenellum / Hanaibana ハナイバナ

Bothriospermum tenellum, an annual biennial herb found in fields, roadsides, or the like, grows to 10-15cm in height. Stems are slender and have upward hairs, and bases crawl on the ground. Leaves, 2-3cm long and 1-2cm wide, in the shape of an oblong to long oblong. Corollas are pale blue-purple, 2-3mm in diameter. Bloom time: March-November.




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