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Briza minor / Himekobansou ヒメコバンソウ

Bloom time: May-July

Poaceae /


Species in the genus Briza:

Briza maxima / Kobansou
Briza minor / Himekobansou


Briza minor / Himekobansou ヒメコバンソウ

Briza minor is an annual herb, 10-60cm in height, originating in Europe and growing wild in fields or roadsides. Leaves are linear-lanceolate, 3-10cm in length, and 3-9mm in width. Inflorescences are panicles in which many spikelets hang down; the spikelets measure approximately 4mm in length and width, in the shape of a triangular-ovate, light green, occasionally tinging light purple. The spikelets comprise 4-8 florets. Bloom time: May-July.


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