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Buglossoides zollingeri / Hotarukazura ホタルカズラ

Bloom time: April-May

Boraginaceae /


Species in the genus Buglossoides:

Buglossoides zollingeri / Hotarukazura

Buglossoides zollingeri / Hotarukazura ホタルカズラ

Buglossoides zollingeri is a perennial herb height of 15-20cm inhabiting dry grasslands or forest edges in fields and mountains, the whole having coarse hairs on it. As flowering finishes, it extends branches crawling sideways to make shoots at the terminals for propagation. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, each in an oblanceolate shape of 2-6cm long. Flowers are blue and measure 1.5-1.8cm in diameter. Bloom time: April-May.



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